Production process

Cycle time reduction and ​the increase of the production output.

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Production process

The new sprueless process creates a number of new possibilities! ​Very important is:


Zinc hot runner system is compatible with your previous production process.


Our hot runner is compatible with every type of machine.

No adjustments

No modifications of your machine, the machine control or even peripheral devices are required.

Production process today

The sprueless connection of the articles makes ​it possible to manufacture without reworking ​analogue to today's production of plastic parts.

  1. 1

    Process reliability

    Reprocessing of the sprue is not necessary​ (neither extra employees nor equipment is necessary). ​This increases the process reliability.

  2. 2

    High degree of automation

    Process uncertainties during demoulding ​and reworking of the sprue positions are omitted.​ This allows a higher degree of automation.

  3. 3

    Increase in production

    Due to the reduction in the cycle time and the increase​ in the number of cavities with the same mould size.​

  4. 4

    Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency by avoiding the return-materials.​

  5. 5

    Cycle times​

    The highest potential for reducing the ​cycle times is the cooling and demoulding phase ​of the products.

  6. 6

    Savings potential

    The higher the number of products accommodated ​in the tool, the higher the savings potential.​

  7. 7

    Cycle time reduction

    Shortening the cycle time and ​increasing the output rate.​ Increased cycle times and additional​ peripherals are eliminated in the course of sprueless production!

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