Hot runner technology for Zinc die-casting​

The first and only full hot runner for zinc die-casting.
Die-casting hot runner for sprueless production.

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Why hot runner for die-casting?

It allows for the first time direct gating​ on the part.

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Production process

Cycle time reduction without reworking​

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Die-casting hot runner for the sprueless ​production​

Hot runner for Zinc die-casting

Mr. Kusic (CEO of the Ferrofacta GmbH) startet in 2011 with an experienced ​Team the development of the hot runner for zinc die-casting.


After successful laboratory tests and trials, the Ferrofacta team proudly ​registered three international patents.


Production video

As a result of the development of this process, as well as its conversion into a ​die-casting hot runner, a sprueless production is made possible for the first time.

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Hot runner for Zinc die-casting